Analytical Steps for Evaluating Gender in Weed Plant Progeny

Analyzing the gender of weed plant progeny is essential to optimize breeding and selection processes, especially when it comes to ensuring desired traits are passed on to the next generation. This is due to the fact that different gender plants possess

Analysing the Sweet Spot: Is 80 Degrees Too Hot for Cannabis?

The ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to vaping cannabis is a hot topic among marijuana aficionados. With temperatures ranging from 300°F to 800°F, the debate rages on whether 80°F is the optimal temperature for vaping. In a bid to determine whether 80°F is

Analysing the Physics of Frost and Cannabis Plants

The physics of frost and cannabis plants offers fascinating insights into the natural world. Frost is an important factor in the growth of cannabis plants, as it influences the environment that the plants live in, and can have a major impact on their y

Analysing the Effects of High Sulphur Levels in Cannabis

The sulphur content of cannabis is an important factor to consider when analysing production and environmental health. This is because a high sulphur content in any plant can lead to reduced yields, safety risks and increased emissions. High sulphur le

Analysing the Contrasts between Reid and Usual Marijuana

When discussing marijuana and its many uses, the difference between an “ordinary” strain and a “Reid” strain must be taken into account. This can be a difficult analysis to make as there are many complex elements at play. However, by taking a closer lo

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