Here’s What Could be Affecting Cannabis Plant Growth

Cannabis plants have immense potential for a variety of applications, from medicinal to recreational. However, for any of these applications to be a success, proper care must be taken during the growth process. But at times, there are unforeseen factor

Harnessing the Benefits of growing Weed Plants in a Terrarium

Growing weed plants in a terrarium presents unique benefits for any avid gardener. With the right conditions and care, cannabis plants grown in terrariums can flower quickly, prevent exposure to pests, provide more privacy and offer an aesthetically ap

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Coco Coir: Benefits & Drawbacks

Growing cannabis seeds in coco coir provides a number of advantages; however, there are a few drawbacks as well. Coco coir is a renewable source of soil-less substrate growing medium, made from the coconut husk fibers. This type of grow medium can prov

Fine Tuning the Best Temperature for Cannabis Seed Germination

Germinating cannabis seeds is an essential step towards growing healthy and vibrant plants. Knowing the right temperature for cannabis seed germination can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful growth. Generally, a temperature range o

Exploring the Timing of Cannabis Cloning Transplants

The timing of cannabis cloning transplants is an important subject to explore. It can have a major impact on the success of the entire crop. This article will discuss the optimal time for cannabis clones to be transplanted, what could happen if the tim

Exploring the Science Behind Optimal Cannabis Soil Combination

The science of cultivating cannabis has come a long way due to intensive research and development. Much of this progress has been focused on the optimum soil combination for growing cannabis. Oftentimes, this incorporates multiple soil types and additi

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