A Guide to Identifying White Seeds in Weed and Their Effects

It is important to understand the different types of white seeds found in marijuana and the effects they have on users. White seeds can be found in high-grade buds or even foil bags of marijuana. Also referred to as “sugar seeds” or “crystal seeds,” t

A Guide to Avoiding Injury From Touching Weed Plants

As an academic expert, avoidance of injury while handling weed plants is essential knowledge. Everyone must observe safety protocols when tending to weed plants. Nobody wants to suffer an accident when interacting with a weed plant. Therefore, the foll

A Detailed Look at the Three Types of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are a valuable commodity for avid growers, as each variety offers unique benefits for different growing conditions. Understanding the fundamental differences between the three types of seeds – regular, feminized and autoflowering – can h

A Detailed Look at Overwatered Cannabis Plant Pictures

The much-dreaded issue of overwatered cannabis plant is one encountered by many growers and gardeners alike, and is one that can have devastating consequences on the yield of the cannabis crop. But what does an overwatered cannabis plant actually look

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